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075248bdb015c624cb40000376fc6d83I could probably just let the title speak for itself, but y’all know me. It’s story time with Mama.

I could barely drag my ass out of bed this morning. I didn’t sleep well last night because Josh didn’t sleep well. I got upstairs and chatted with Mom for longer than I should have and ran out of time for a full walk. So instead I decided to do just 10 minutes but much faster and with more incline. That was, in hindsight, the beginning of the end for me.

I got to work and got started only to find out shortly after 9am that I had traded with my vacationing co-worker for a shift today, not Wednesday. I packed up all my shit and schlepped my ass over to the other building. I needed to work on some Mac stuff anyway so I figured no big deal. Except the Mac needed an update installed and I didn’t have the admin password. I got one of the tech guys to come over finally and he helped. We also got the Mac laptops updating. But I never did figure out what I needed. And then I booted everything into the Windows side and had no end of problems with those updates. Couldn’t get anyone to come back for that so I just stuck the fucking things back in a cabinet and left notes.

10847301_10153003370260240_1400754608570062841_oSince I was in the other office I only had minimal nutritional supplies with me, as in, I had my salad and the stuff for it, some jello (best fucking jello ever), grapes, and a chocolate protein shake. No real chocolate though. A day like today with no real chocolate. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Last night instead of work on anything even remotely related to my 28 day challenge I decided to fuck with some jewelry. I made myself a new necklace that I thought was kind of nifty so I wore it today. The chain broke this afternoon. But wait, it gets better.

10998391_10203847907461345_431887256430935698_nI’ve been summoned for jury duty.