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I’ve probably mentioned that Josh was going to have the surgery to remove some damaged tissue from the big infection he had. He had until today to get all of his medical clearances which means he waited until Tuesday to start doing anything about it. They tried to do an EKG but the readings weren’t good, so he went back yesterday. Still not good, so they sent him for a stress test this morning.

The cardiologist did another EKG, which he said was good enough I guess, but he didn’t like the way the stress test came out so Josh goes back on Wednesday to see if he has a blockage.

He’s 42 years old and may well have a blocked artery.

And he isn’t taking any of this seriously, to him it’s no big deal. He doesn’t get why I’m upset and I’m fairly sure he’s pissed that I haven’t paid his medical bills. But he’s done this to himself and I just can’t stand idly by and watch him slowly kill himself like this.526402_10152266302286637_2579799959051039000_n