Yesterday’s post garnered quite a bit of attention. Evidently I’m really not the only one who’s struggling with the losing weight/how to eat healthier thing. (no shit Sherlock!) So I’m thinking we start our own online support system.

My ultimate goal is to establish healthier eating habits and daily routines that will result in slow and steady weight loss and lead to overall better health. To that end I’ll be continuing to walk on the treadmill, use my Fitbit to track activity, and I’m aiming for pool time soon. On the diet front my goal is to lower my carb intake pretty drastically but not cut them out completely. I love my fruit and veg too much to give it all up completely.

I will happily share whatever tips and tricks I stumble across along the way, along with interesting recipes.

Should we name this? Do we need a special tag? Should we post progress updates or is that not a good idea?

I have no clue about this stuff so I need your input.