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What a wonderful week it’s been! (no, oddly enough, that is NOT sarcasm)

Here’s a quick break down of what all has gone on, just in case you’ve been in a cave:

  • got all of Josh’s stuff (well, at least 95%) moved out to the garage; he came and got a little more yesterday
  • the divorce papers got ordered and delivered, I just need to take some stuff to a notary and sign them and then find time to get down to the court house to file
  • the title for the Honda came and it will be sold, one way or another, TODAY
  • me, who does not wear dresses as a rule, purchased 2 new dresses this week
  • Mom and I saw “Inside Out” yesterday; lovely flick but definitely not a kid movie in my mind
  • Mom helped me do a quick detail job on the Jeep and it looks tons better
  • we went to 2 bead stores and a yarn shop
  • I actually have strawberries on my plants in the garden and I’ve eaten 2 of them!!!
  • we’re going to a bridal shower for my cousin today, should be fun
  • I made myself new fridge magnets

That’s about it I guess. I’ve had a good time being off work but I’m pretty well ready to go back. I just hope I’m able to. I have to call tomorrow night to see if my group has been selected to actually report for jury duty Monday morning. I know it’s really not a big deal but I have a ton of stuff to do at work and I’d really like to just get back to it.