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I like to keep busy, mostly because it keeps me out of trouble, but also because I like the feels of being productive. But I’m getting a fuckton of stuffage on my plate these days, so I go to thinking yesterday that maybe I should take on a bit of a challenge that involves doing something that’s kind of more like doing nothing.

And now that I have y’all thoroughly confused, I’ll explain.

You may or may not know the lovely Sian from My Purse is Closed, but you should. She’s funny as fuck and she’s doing something that I think is really cool – she’s trying really hard not to spend money on stuff she doesn’t need. Really, we should all do that, but she saw a problem with her spending habits and is working to fix it. And I love this idea.

Lately I’ve been working to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. I’ve been going through my possessions and getting rid of things I don’t need or that don’t bring me some kind of joy. I’ve been unsubscribing from email newsletters and promotions because I don’t make time to read them anyway. Basically I’ve been streamlining where possible so that I have time to enjoy my life. And that’s really where the challenge part comes in – keeping this going.

I haven’t for sure decided yet what this is going to look like for me, but I know it’s going to include money and not spending it on shit I don’t really want and definitely don’t need. What I’m wondering is if anyone else is interested in doing something like this with me. I’m thinking that if we do it together, we’re more likely to stick with it.

What do y’all think? Anyone interested in jumping on this bandwagon with me?