holy crap, what a day!

2014-11-22 16.51.21

Another craft project, yay! This one has been in the works for awhile now, at least a week. I found the idea on Pinterest and then all of us got in on the action. They’re going to be our primary (only?) outside winter decorations, aside from a wreath on the front door I think.

Today has been wall to wall busy. Mom and I went out for breakfast, ran to 3 different grocery stores – taking time to get supplies for a food drive going on for one of the homeless shelters at the one store – then Target to get supplies for the girls’ birthdays (there was a local motorcycle club there at the time buying the place out of frozen turkeys to donate to some charity, we weren’t sure which one), cleaned out and organized the deep freeze and both fridges/freezers and the kitchen pantry, plus we got out the Christmas decorations we’ve decided to put up this year and got the tree put together so that when the girls come over next Friday they can decorate it.


Josh just left to pick up what is, in my humble little opinion, some of the very best pizza in this area. It should go nicely with the SEVEN containers of ice cream we currently have. And no, they aren’t mostly empty – I think most of them have been purchased within the last week.

When we were getting the Christmas stuff out I found my stash of cards. This is no shit – it fills a plastic shoe box. So honestly kids, doesn’t anyone want a card from me?

Executive Memorandum #12

For fuck sake, if I’m going to go to the trouble of pinning ideas I should maybe commit to making a few of them on a slightly more regular basis.

I’ve just spent more time this evening collecting ideas for someday, you know, someday – that mythical day that never actually arrives. I need to either shit or get off the pot.


another goofy craft

You’re probably going to notice that the closer it gets to the holidays, the more I want to “nest” by doing craft projects. Too bad for you poor bastards, you’re going to see ALL of them! BWAHAHAHAHA!

This is my latest creation which was not an original thought. I swiped the idea from here, and she apparently swiped it from someone else. Because that’s how the interwebs work, yo.

2014-11-21 06.08.21These are glass marble glitter magnets. I used the large, flat glass floral marbles, E9001 adhesive, glitter glue, and super strong magnets. The lady I got the idea from had her kids paint glue on the back of the marbles and dip then in different kinds of glitter. That sounded way too fucking messy to me.

2014-11-16 20.26.37naked marbles, glitter glue, nasty paint brush


2014-11-16 20.27.35turd-esque glob of glitter glue on the back of a marble


2014-11-16 20.36.37you get the idea

I ended up doing 3 coats of glitter glue to get the right density. Once everything was totally dry I put a little dab of the E9001 on the back and topped it with a magnet. Voila. The downside is that it did take several days because I was doing this at night and had to let the glitter shit dry before putting on another coat. But it was a hell of a lot easier using that glitter glue than having bowls of glitter sitting out. I’m also thinking this would work well with nail polish, if you have a stash of that around. I’m actually contemplating trying that this weekend. With the nail polish you could probably get some nifty marbling effects with drops of different colors swirled with a toothpick.

why I’m pissed off this time

Anyone else remember back to October 16th? The day before we headed north for our little weekend trip? That was the day Josh got in the car accident with the douche who lives two houses up from us.

Today is… November 20. I am STILL driving that fucking rental car because the auto body shop STILL has my fucking Honda. According to the woman I just spoke to at GEICO my claims adjuster is some schmuck named Ricky. I’ve never talked to Ricky. I talked to some guy named Harold, but never Ricky. And every goddamn time that body shop says they’ll be done by X date, they fucking find more shit wrong with the car.

It sounds to me like they went about it all wrong. They didn’t actually tear down the entire front end like they said they would. They took off the outside pieces and fixed those and then discovered the mechanical and structural damage underneath. And every time that happened the parts had to be ordered.

Yesterday was the latest missed completion date, so now I’m really pissed. The temperature outside is hovering below freezing which means ALL of my nicotine today is coming in where it’s cold. Josh doesn’t seem to appreciate in the least that I haven’t been able to smoke in a vehicle except on the weekend in going on a fucking month. And he didn’t actually set aside the $250 to cover the deductible, so I’ll have to figure out where to come up with that.

There’s more going on that just this, but this is really more than enough for right now. I’m seriously contemplating changing insurance companies when this is all done. No one who’s been involved in this fucked up process seems to give a fuck – including Josh.

dirty little secret

2014-11-18 20.40.59No, not inter-species sex you perverts! Mama likes Lego. And Nanoblocks.

2014-11-19 17.27.18For those who haven’t encountered them yet, those are Nanoblocks. Josh did the guitar and I did the hummingbird and dragonfly. The wings on both of those suckers actually move, on purpose. I also have an unopened pouch yet for a butterfly.

2014-11-19 17.40.18standard bottle of OPI nail polish included for scale -

over 130 pieces in that itty bitty pouch

I’m not that thrilled with the colors of the butterfly, (mostly brown in the wings) but the Target store where I’ve been getting these doesn’t have a super selection and I’m kind of afraid to go looking online. My guess is that I’ll get even more addicted. I also still have a big ass Lego kit from our trip to the Lego store at the Mall of America.

2014-11-19 17.40.58

731 pieces – wowza! The nice old guy at the store told me he was sure I’d have no problems seeing as I looked like a smart kid.

The funny this is that Legos weren’t a big interest for me as a kid. We had them, the standard jumble of random blocks that everyone had back then, and I’d mess with them but I wasn’t as intrigued as I seem to be now. And now I’m only interested in the kits. If I were to compare this to knitting I would say that I am a product Lego’er, meaning that I’m way more interested in the end thing than I am in the physical process of making it myself. I’m mostly like that with any craft or project I do; it’s all about the thing that I end up with.

How about the rest of you creative folks – would you say you’re more into the process of doing the thing or more into the product and having something to use/look at/etc at the end?

in which Mama goes on rations

2014-11-19 17.15.52I feel like I’m being fattened up like the holiday turkey! This, ALL of this, was in a package I received today from the very lovely Farmer Farthing. I’m pleased to say that some of it is familiar, but some of it… What the fuck are Wine Gummies? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!

(oh, that Toffee Crisp – that was my first victim and it was heavenly!)

the long awaited story of the geese

At some point in the not so distant past I think I said something about someone reminding me to tell you about the geese. Well you lousy bums, no one did. I had to remind myself. Thanks.

10599263_10153123786258378_2530522881510421676_nAnyway, I’m pretty sure y’all know about A, my 4 year old niece. That kid has a mouth on her already that makes Mama so proud. But she’s also super kind hearted. There’s one of those man-made lakes smack ass on top of an old landfill in their neighborhood and the geese love it. Now that it’s bitter fucking cold here, she’s just convinced that the geese are cold and she wants to do something about it.

Anyone else remember that Aunt Erin is a knitter?

So I got a phone call at work last week and I could tell right away that Mom was calling from the car which means speaker phone is in action. From the back I hear A calling out, “Aunt Erin, we need sweaters! The geese are so cold, please?”

Oh sweet jesus. Mom obviously called me which meant she couldn’t figure out how to talk A out of this brilliant plan. Time to punt.

Honey, geese have special feathers that keep them really super warm in the winter. If I knit them sweaters they’d get too warm and then they’d be all sweaty, and no one likes a sweaty goose.

She bought that shit.