Friday night excitement

I had every intention of blogging much earlier today, I really did. But then work this morning was just a little too fun (since there was hardly anyone around), and once I got on a roll I wanted to finish what I was working on, and then Josh got off work quite a bit early and Miss K very purposefully turned her head while I snuck out behind her to go do some Christmas shopping.

I am very pleased to report that there are only a few small, and hopefully quick, errands to be run tomorrow. Part will be groceries, part meds, part craft supplies for a few projects I’ve lined up, and a few last gifts to get. I’m hoping it won’t be as ridiculous as it was today, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

The good thing, really, about both of us getting off early today and needing to run errands was that we didn’t do them together and that meant we had time to shop for each other. Neither of us is any good at all at wrapping things for the other, never have been, mostly because neither can wait for the other to get their gift. The light in here is utter shit right now so I won’t bother trying to capture the loveliness of the two blouses and the jewelry Josh got for me. (the man is a whiz at finding the good stuff on clearance racks) I also can’t get a decent shot of the guitar strap I picked up for him. (he also got strap locks and a variety of picks)

This evening, Mom’s last at home until next Saturday, was spent with the “kids” working on a Christmas puzzle while I made dinner and did more laundry.

2014-12-19 17.36.02Evie got in on the act as well.

I also spent some time going through my boards on Pinterest, partially to find ideas for over break, partially to weed out the crap, and partially to find even more ideas to share with you for our monthly simplifying ideas. I have a small confession to make, well, maybe two.

One, I’ve been doing something of the simplifying things myself already. This is partially because I know I’ll have a little more time the next few weeks and partially because I want to test run a few things. I will tell you that I have every intention of putting out the whole year’s worth of ideas at once so that other folks who have odd schedules can do the same.

Two, I’m going to be seriously curbing my spending next year, but the key phrase there is next year. So today I went and bought myself six new shirts and a sweater, all pieces that are suitable for wearing to work and are a brand that I know will hold up well. And, in my defense, I got those 7 pieces plus a really pretty snowflake necklace plus a really pretty crystal dragonfly hair clip for E for ~$100. I don’t think that’s too damn bad. I purchased those pieces because I looked over my work wardrobe with a super critical eye and identified a gap that, if filled, would do an awful lot to stretch what I have right now and make it that much easier to not buy any new clothes next year.

Anyway, Josh is entertaining me with music I’ve not heard before and I’m loving it. I mean really, where has this guy been that I’ve never heard him?

so there I was, up to my belly button in spent shotgun shells singing Kumbya with a 2 toed sloth…

No, not really, but it sounds interesting, right?

Mama is BACK!!! Last night I ran laundry, changed the sheets, dusted, screwed around on the computer, took every last thing off our fridge downstairs and reorganized it, and slept like a log. I got up early this morning and finished the laundry and had time to putter around before leaving. I’ve been working on the organizing/purging plan for next year and generally screwing around this morning in between answering emails from profs who really should know better.

Anyway, it’s been interesting. I got some Christmas pressies from my pals at work this morning.

2014-12-18 10.17.49a little stuffed squirrel with a scarf, a squirrel candy dish, and a little sugar skull notebook!

They know me pretty fucking well, I’d say. At any rate, the closer we get to the shut down on the 24th, the fewer people there are here. My boss was here this morning just long enough to delivery gifts and then she skedaddled. I’ll be leaving early this afternoon to go help Mom with the girls. They have a baton twirling performance thing tonight that I’m going to and they need their hair done. My mom is an amazing woman and does lots of things, but she has never been one for doing much with hair. Fortunately, I know how to do very lovely French braids. (I will see if I can get a pic of them tonight in their splendor)

I walked in this morning with K and we both sort of asked each other why in the hell we didn’t take vacation for the 2 days we’re supposed to be here next week. Neither of us had a good answer, but we both agreed that there won’t be much work going on at all. My plan is to continue to clean up around here and get ready for the next semester. I’ve already done quite a bit but there are still a few things to take care of. And on Tuesday I’ll take down my Christmas decorations.

I’m also working on a plan, of sorts, of things I really want to do over the break. What are your big plans?

beyond fried

Does anyone else remember those public service ads when we were kids, the ones that used a fried egg to show what your brain supposedly functioned like if you took drugs? They were dumb as fuck. I mean, honestly, everyone knew that the only thing a fried egg had in common with your brain on pot was that food is good when you’re stoned. But I digress. My brain actually does feel like a fried egg right now but that’s because of grad school. Grad school is infinitely worse than any drug thus far invented.

But the Class from Hell is officially over. I was informed that the final paper wasn’t actually worth ANY points, I was told that I would do it and do it well because that’s what they expect of grad students.

I’ll wait a moment while you let that sink in….

Anyway, I finished this afternoon and then spent a delightful hour on the phone with my good friend Wendy. Possibly 10 minutes of our time dealt with making the paper better, the rest of the time was just shooting the shit. It was awesome. I’ve known Wendy for better than 2 years now and never had a phone conversation with her because until just recently she and her family lived overseas. So this was really quite the Christmas treat for me.

Oh, and I’m fairly sure I forgot to tell y’all that I got a call from the car insurance company the other day. The insurance company for the asshat who hit Josh finally, FINALLY, accepted responsibility so I should be getting a nice check in the mail to reimburse me for the deductible. That, I think, qualifies as a fucking Christmas miracle.

So I’m a little behind on reading/commenting and I have many much more interesting posts I’d like to write for y’all, but I have a seriously wicked headache right now which is likely just from relief. At any rate, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for more organizing and simplifying ideas to share. I should be back in the swing of things tomorrow. (I hope)

the more I think about this…

2014-10-10 19.17.56Yesterday afternoon I was trying to find the exact requirements for this grad paper nonsense. I checked everywhere in the online shell for the class. Nada. So I sent her an email asking about it. Evidently she had it in the staging area but had neglected to copy it to the live class.

It wasn’t mentioned specifically in the syllabus and there was only a single reference to it on the course schedule, but no details.

I talked to the one other woman in that class that I’m willing to talk to and we agreed that this really isn’t acceptable. Faculty are supposed to have all of that bullshit outlined, in detail, at the start of the semester. And this prof gives you a max of 5 points for everything.

5 motherfucking points

I’ve emailed her to verify that this is the case because if it is, she’s going to get precisely 5 points worth of effort out of me for this. I’m exhausted, I’ve been sick the last few days and dragging my sorry ass in to work anyway, and it’s finally getting cold here. I really want no part of this.

But I will be getting my revenge, oh yes, yes I will. The purpose of the paper is to read 5 articles that she selected (the most recent is 9 years old, what a crock) and find a theme that we write about. I’ve read the articles now and I’ve identified my theme.


10387579_281817861990362_4605080045246788674_nSuck it, bitch.

2015 – the year of simplifying

I think I mentioned previously that I’m going to be trying to pare down a little more and get my financial stuffage even more in order. Some folks had indicated that perhaps they’d be interested in doing that with me. Seeing as I am doing everything possible right now to avoid starting the grad paper that’s due on Wednesday, I thought I’d share the start of the plan.

What I’m envisioning is a different theme for each month of the year. I’ll give suggestions, which are things I generally plan to do, and anyone who wants can feel free to join in the fun. I’ve also got a list of specific financial bits that I’m going to try. This is what I’m thinking of for January:

Digital clean up

  • Email
    • Unsubscribe to newsletters and promotional emails you’re no longer reading or interested in
    • Change your preferences – some services send you messages you don’t want, but some that you do; there’s usually a way to specify which you want
    • Go through your inbox and delete messages you no longer need
    • Go through your folders and delete messages you no longer need; you might be able to delete entire folders
  • Facebook / other social media sites
    • Remove friends that aren’t really friends
    • Unfollow or unlike organizations/pages that you aren’t interested in anymore
  • Blog
    • Unfollow blogs you don’t read anymore
    • Check your email settings – do you need to receive a message every time someone likes a post?
  • Cloud storage / computer hard drive
    • Clean out and organize files; you likely have files you no longer need or that aren’t easy to find
  • Smartphone
    • Uninstall apps you no longer use
    • Backup pictures to the cloud or your computer so they can be removed from the phone (Dropbox has a really easy way to do this for all new photos)

The other bits I plan to do are:

  1. Fix things whenever possible instead of replacing – not everything has to be perfect – ugly but functional is just fine
  2. Purging is not done to make room for new/different crap
  3. If something new comes in, something old must leave
  4. I will get a $25 monthly allowance that can be used for anything not deemed essential and/or otherwise already in the budget – can be saved to go towards a larger future purchase
  5. I will look into ways to increase my Redbubble sales
  6. I will look for other easy ways to bring in additional income
  7. I will not buy any new clothes (except underwear as necessary)
  8. I will not buy any new shoes (except one pair of inexpensive flip flops – less than $15)

I figure I’ll post the month’s theme on the 1st and then post updates on how I’m doing as it seems appropriate. If you want to join the party, feel free. If anyone things we should have a page that lists everyone who’s needing a little accountability assistance, I’m happy to set that up.


how about a little something random for the holidays

Ten Random Christmas Questions compliments of JED

1. Where is the weirdest place you found yourself on Christmas morning?

The psych ward. And no, not kidding. That was one of the very lowest times in my life. However, some nice folks made sure that everyone got a little gift bag of sorts. It still sucked.

2. What is the one present you wanted badly and have never gotten?

I feel very fortunate in that I have everything I need, so I honestly can’t think of something that I wanted but didn’t eventually get.

3. What is the one thing you wanted badly, got and wished you hadn’t?

His name was Jason and he turned out to be a terrible human being. Don’t look for a new boyfriend in the psych ward, ladies – it won’t end well.

4. Have you ever re-gifted? If so what and why?

I will admit that I do this. If I have something still in the original box that really isn’t “me” but I know it would be perfect for someone else, absolutely.

5. If Santa is real would you really want to meet him in person?

Yes, but just to get a chance to ask him if he also delivers presents to people in Heaven.

6. How many Elves could fit inside the biggest Christmas present you ever received?

Hmm, really testing the ol’ memory with this one. I can’t remember getting any really large gifts except for storage totes, so maybe a dozen elves?

7. What is your favorite holiday movie, show and/or song?

Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas

8. What is your least favorite holiday movie, show, and/or song?

That rotten ass Christmas Story. Ralphie needs to hurry up and put his eye out so we can all be done with his shit.

9. What would you name a reindeer if you could? Why?

Stan. I think the other reindeer already have exotic names so a nice normal name like Stan would be a refreshing change of pace.

10. Do you think Santa could benefit from a healthier snack on Christmas eve or are cookies and milk the only choice? What would you recommend for the jolly old fat man?

Santa needs some of the Turtle Pretzels we made last weekend.


life worth living weekly update

reach for the starsIf you’re just joining me for the first time, I’ve got a list of 10 Major Goals I want to accomplish before I turn 40 in 2016. That’s what I refer to as my Life Worth Living; it’s a DBT thing. If you don’t want to stay stuck where you’ve been in life, you have to figure out where you want to go and what it would take to truly make your life worth living.

Every week I do a Creative, Stress Management, Health, Financial, and School goal that tie back to my Building a Life Worth Living project. Bit by bit I’m reaching for the stars.

Update from last week:

Creative – I need to do a little something to keep myself from flipping shit entirely. Don’t care what. I didn’t really do anything creative, though I did work on a project for the coming year, so maybe that counts.

Stress Management – Keep working on the sleep thing. Oh dear god, no. I tried, but there was so much to get done for school that it just didn’t really happen.

Health – Back to basics time: shower every day, brush teeth at least once, floss at least once, meds when I’m supposed to, regular meals, skin stuff. HAhahahaha!!!

School – Our group presentation is due on Thursday, must get that done. The final report is also due, as are several other pieces. And I need to get to work on my grad paper. Everything got turned in last night except my grad paper. I have until Wednesday at 5pm to turn that in. And no, I have no idea what I’m writing about yet.

Financial – Don’t spend any money!!! I didn’t spend any money because I don’t have any money, so yay.

flower divider

Goals for this week:

There’s really only one goal for this week…

Don’t lose my shit completely.

The paper needs to get finished and, really, nothing else matters.